A guy bought this Saturday night in Chinatown, and asked me to hold it to the end of the show, he never picked it up! I think his beer prayer was answered that night! Help me reunite this to him! #Chinatown #chinatownla #robots #robotsbymattqspangler


I did a show this past weekend in Chinatown in LA, I heard so many kids say, “look at the wobot!” so this is my tribute to them, as if they drew my wobot!

I am a prisoner in my own booth! I like this!

Hello Chinatown! Hello Los Angeles! Hello everyone! Here until midnight! Exclamation point. #kcrw #Chinatown #robotsbymattqspangler (at Chinatown Village)

I have my balloon

It just floats along, making you happy as it bounces along.

Here is what has been saved from flaming doom! Fire sale still happening, get them while you can!


Paintings starting at $5, prints $5

This is a lot of old stuff, it needs a good home!


"Emotion Engine"

Emotions are a funny thing, that can run your life, but also, what is life without emotion?

For the month of August, my robot friends will have a corner of A little Known Shop in Anaheim, CA.

I will be giving away a 5”x7” canvas print to one lucky winner on August 15th during my signing!