Paintings starting at $5, prints $5

This is a lot of old stuff, it needs a good home!

"Emotion Engine"

Emotions are a funny thing, that can run your life, but also, what is life without emotion?

For the month of August, my robot friends will have a corner of A little Known Shop in Anaheim, CA.

I will be giving away a 5”x7” canvas print to one lucky winner on August 15th during my signing! 


Comic-con starts tomorrow, some day, I will dress up, and you will know what I will be :D

Quick! Get to the bird!

Run, jump, slide, you land on the bird just in time!

If you have to run, just add beer!

Beer plus running, gives you energy! Have a good weekend friends!

"Spontaneous Combustion"

It could be a phoenix rising, or just a really shitty day, it is all a matter of perspective.

Just about done with the Harry Potter bot casting a turtle patronus charm!

#commission #painting #forhire #robotsbymattqspangler #robots #harrypotter #9x12 #canvas #celvinyl

Another commission, this one is hufflepuff casting a patronus charm! Client selected turtle, and it just so happens that I love turtles as well!

#commission #painting #hufflepuff #patronus #harrypotter #robotsbymattqspangler #forhire #robotart #9x12 #canvas #tribute