DeLorean and me

You remember the classic movie that made this car famous. Just as much as this car is famous for being in the movie, it is just as famous for its failure. Either way, this car is a classic, and is still being produced today!

About the painting:

14”x18” canvas, cel-vinyl, signed and dated by the artist.

Coming along, might be able to lay in paint soon! #delorean #car #painting #progress

The drive

The drive, you have to have one, to go in unknown places, and feel confident on where you have been, and where you are going.

Loving the car

Everyone has had a moment where they love their car. Now, it doesn’t have to be nice, fast, quiet. In fact it is the stories that make the car lovable. Today, go give your car a hug.

The future is now!

You can fly, you can drive, you can do both with the Stout Skycar! Stuck in traffic? No problem with this little Skycar, just pull over, assemble the wing, latch everything in place and 10 minutes later, if you can an open area longer than two football fields, you too can take off in style!

Screencast link : HERE

Cruise the Brutus

Driving a beast such as the Brutus is no easy feat, but if you are up to the task, it will take you to where you need to go.


The Mitsu Starion was a car that still holds up today. It is pretty amazing to think how long ago this car was designed and yet it still has that cool factor. Had fun with the 80s colors to match its cool 80s boxiness.

The bug

Never drawn a bug before, was fun to learn the subtle aspects of the cars angles, curves etc. Happy Thursday!

SVT Focus Love

It is a little known car being it was only around from 2002-04, and not many were produced around 15,000 over the 3 years. BUT, the people that know them, respect them. I had my Focus from 2003 until New Years Day 2008, still miss it to this day. I only had 500 miles with the Stg2 clutch and fly, front and rear sways and stress bars. Happy Valentines day!

Nice Ride

It may be old and slow, but it is still cool.

Beep Beep, Hi!

Just riding by to say hi! Hello!

Sittin’ Orange

What is better than your sweet ride, painted bright, obnoxious orange. You love it, not everyone does, but who cares, this is your style.

The new ride

It is not everyday you can buy a new car, the smell of the unused leather, the feel of the brand new tires touching the pavement. Everything about the car is awesome. Time for a drive.