"Dropping in"

You stare down the vert, drop in, air surges past, gravity not taking effect quite yet, then flattens out knees bent, then repeat.

"Big R"

Bigger than life, he takes over your world, he shows you thigns you dont expect, rrrrr

"The dragon slayer"

How many times have you been reading a book outside, when you feel the world turn into the very place you are reading about?

"Emotion Engine"

Emotions are a funny thing, that can run your life, but also, what is life without emotion?


Comic-con starts tomorrow, some day, I will dress up, and you will know what I will be :D

If you have to run, just add beer!

Beer plus running, gives you energy! Have a good weekend friends!

"Diving in"

Diving in, speed of light, all is ahead, ready let’s go!

"The local cafe"

There are times when a local cafe, cup of coffee and a newspaper is all you need to start the morning right.

The journey goes on

The world is expanding, the world is vast, the world needs exploring let’s go!