The teevee is on

It never stops, just keeps going, like an endless, confusing DVD.

Inktober, SNAP!

Click, the camera goes, you capture a moment, etched forever in film.


It is not very often goodbyes are permanent, but when they are, you try and remember the best of the time spent with them.

Goodbye my owl, you will be missed.

"Inktober day 09"

Meeting the new friend hanging out, oh hello friend!

"Inktober Day 6"

Feeding the birds, sitting on a bench, it is good to be an old man robot, yeaaaah man.

"Feeling the love"

Feeling the love come streaming through, heart on a cart. THANK YOU!

"Collecting Flowers"

Walking through the village, you see something amazing *pick* this is mine for later.

"My regal friend"

My friend, you are so regal, but I thought you were a beagle.

"The freedom of wheels"

That time you sit down, pedal and roll, that freedom came through like a fury.