"The space of space"

Space is quite large, just take it on one piece at a time.


I did a show this past weekend in Chinatown in LA, I heard so many kids say, “look at the wobot!” so this is my tribute to them, as if they drew my wobot!

Chillin’ with the bear

Ya know, just chillin. Hanging out, waiting for stuff to happen

Bear and his Robot

They are the best of friends, through thick and thin, mostly, because Robot has no skin.

Play in the snow!

We have no “weather” in San Diego outside of sunny, and slightly less sunny. So To do a painting of a robot having fun in ths snow, is all I would imagine it would be!

New Tablet!

Those of you that follow me, may remember I purchased a (short lived) Surface Pro 2 to see if I could use it as my mobile creative production machine.  Although I could see the potential, it runs Photoshop, stylus, pressure sensitivity,  I felt the money required to buy one, was just way to high for the pitfalls. So after a day of use, I returned it and went back to the drawing board and bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (a mouthful!). I picked up the 32GB version, and for good measure I got the Wacom Bamboo Feel.

Now, of course there are limitations to Androids creative apps, I own Sketchbook Pro and like it, but felt it was too different from Photoshop so I searched on.

I did some more digging and came across a program called ArtflowI downloaded the free version and quickly started tinkering, the UI is pretty solid, with some quirks (eye dropper being nested two clicks deep), no lasso tool (that I have found yet), the positives are layers, exporting as a PSD, exporting JPG and creating a higher resolution file at 4096x4096. So after a quick drawing, I bought the full version for $6.99 to unlock some brushes and features.

This is the first drawing I did on the tablet, and I hope to do a lot more and get better! I am pretty happy so far. Stay tuned for more updates!

I like to ride my bicycle

I like to ride my bike.

Blend in, stand out

It would seem in todays world, sometimes the best way to stand out, is to blend in.

Working on daily drawing late, but I am on island time, so forgive me ;) #vacation #Maui #drawing #productive

The sunny sun rises in the day

The sun rises, the sun sets, each day it brings something new.

The Slow Start

A bit of a slow start, moving a little slow, for no real reason, so I dunno.

Keeping it classy

Shake, stir, pour drink. Keep it classy internet.

The night drawer cometh

Ya know, every once in a while you gotta do it. Turn off the lights, settle up the desk, and draw.


I did this on the train using my iPad, because, that is what I am all about!