Quick! Get to the bird!

Run, jump, slide, you land on the bird just in time!

"Diving in"

Diving in, speed of light, all is ahead, ready let’s go!

I can fly!

Look at me, I can fly, I can fly high in the sky, I soar over the cliffs, and near the sea, happy as can be!

Such Great Heights

"Come down now," they’ll say

But everything looks perfect from far away,

"Come down now," but we’ll stay…

The path

The path of least resistance, can sometimes be the most fun!


Flight is something we all take for granted, yet it is something we all dream of.

Caught in the air

The boom, the rush forward and then, silence, the stillness in the air is like nothing else. You are flying my friends!

Blasted off!

Where did he go?

Oh I dunno, he just blasted off!

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The spitfire, the name alone conjures up imagry of roaring fire spitting engines. You would be right.

Moment of flight

The monent of near take off, the silence of air.