The path

The path of least resistance, can sometimes be the most fun!


Flight is something we all take for granted, yet it is something we all dream of.

Caught in the air

The boom, the rush forward and then, silence, the stillness in the air is like nothing else. You are flying my friends!

Blasted off!

Where did he go?

Oh I dunno, he just blasted off!

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The spitfire, the name alone conjures up imagry of roaring fire spitting engines. You would be right.

Moment of flight

The monent of near take off, the silence of air.

Catch the bug

Buzzing around, flying about, catch the bug

Wings away!

Tilt your head up towards the clouds, spread the wings, and soar past them all!

Sky high

Sky high, in the yonder, is where I ponder, what’s in the sky.

ww2 Fighter robot, tribute

Just about done with the WW2 fighter pilot robot tribute, had a lot of fun doing this. Next up is the HUGE commission!

You have a better idea on the size, to the left is my Cintiq and 24” iMac. Timelapse is rendering and will post soon!

"The flying ace"

Twisting and turning, upside down, BOOM you have just been “aced”

Be what you want to be

Growing up, I remember hearing numerous times, you can be whatever you want to be. I pass this message on to you, and it is never too late.