"Wagon, let’s have an ADVENTURE!"

It’s the weekend, be free, be merry, be ADVENTUROUS!

"The J card"

Ok kids, remember CDs? LPs? Well, I remember CDs more, but both at least had amazing inserts. I think about when a CD had a thin “j card” I was always bummed. Such a shame kids today can’t experience the smell and technique of opening your new album.

If you have to run, just add beer!

Beer plus running, gives you energy! Have a good weekend friends!


To have a garden, is to have life. I like gardens.

Trying out some new brushes, inspired by Miyazaki :D

Beer friday, Los Angeles beer? Golden Road, should be interesting. #ipa #beer #Friday #LA #goldenroad

Flash Sale - Limited Edition Prints $20!

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Peak organic #ipa with my rata New Zealand mug I got in Christchurch #nz #travel #beer #Friday

The Leap

Sometimes, you gotta take a leap to figure out if it is worth the jump.

The little flyer

The little flyer

Flyin high

Takin’ out bad guys

Back to the Friday!

Before you know it, Friday is here, and before you know it, it is gone again. Enjoy today my friends!