Inktober, SNAP!

Click, the camera goes, you capture a moment, etched forever in film.

"Wagon, let’s have an ADVENTURE!"

It’s the weekend, be free, be merry, be ADVENTUROUS!

"The J card"

Ok kids, remember CDs? LPs? Well, I remember CDs more, but both at least had amazing inserts. I think about when a CD had a thin “j card” I was always bummed. Such a shame kids today can’t experience the smell and technique of opening your new album.

If you have to run, just add beer!

Beer plus running, gives you energy! Have a good weekend friends!


To have a garden, is to have life. I like gardens.

Trying out some new brushes, inspired by Miyazaki :D

Beer friday, Los Angeles beer? Golden Road, should be interesting. #ipa #beer #Friday #LA #goldenroad

Flash Sale - Limited Edition Prints $20!

Today only (Ending Midnight PST)… $20 LIMITED EDITION PRINTS

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Peak organic #ipa with my rata New Zealand mug I got in Christchurch #nz #travel #beer #Friday

The Leap

Sometimes, you gotta take a leap to figure out if it is worth the jump.

The little flyer

The little flyer

Flyin high

Takin’ out bad guys