I’m back!

Hi friends! After relaxing in the ocean, playing with turtles and drinking to my hearts content. I have returned!

Glide, Float.

Being underwater is as close to flying as you can get. A kick and you glide effortlessly.

Come to Maui they say

Come to Maui they said, stay for the sun and tropical weather they said. They lie.


I’m on vacation, but that doesn’t mean my store is! 30% off all non-limited prints when entering “vacation" on checkout!

All orders ship out when I return on the 14th of April!  Sale ends on the 15th! 


Relaxin’ in the water

Drink in hand, floaty around, relax in the water my friend.

Imitation the form of flattery

Imitation, it can be a good thing, inspiring even!

Jumping the River

For nothing else, jumping rock to rock is a lot fun.

Let’s go bear!

Bear is dragging his…well butt. Come on bear, let’s go!


Oh, hallo muh fryand,*hicup*  yu ar muh bethtest fryand…..*hicup*

Playin’ the wait

You just need to take the time, and wait it out.

Bear transport

Travel in the latest luxury transport! Bears, they are what we ride on.