"Into it"

Do you remember the time you opened an album, never hearing it before, and it just blows your mind?

"The J card"

Ok kids, remember CDs? LPs? Well, I remember CDs more, but both at least had amazing inserts. I think about when a CD had a thin “j card” I was always bummed. Such a shame kids today can’t experience the smell and technique of opening your new album.

I will sing thee, sweet melodies

If you listen, I will win your heart!

Hey guys, I was interviewed by the @theowlmag at the Jubilee festival.  I am under Day 2, always interesting to answer questions on the fly.   http://is.gd/uQmlvQ 

Another baby painting complete!


9” x 12” canvas, cel-vinyl

Want one of your own? I am available, contact me!

Music fills the life

Even when things are down, slow, boring, music can fill your life and make it a little bit more tolerable. Way to go music, you sure are a pal!

Mariachi Robot

Mariachi Robot is finished! 

14” x 18” canvas, cel-vinyl