"Kick, kick, glide"

Surfing through people on the boardwalk, the sound, the experience, nothing beats it!

"Collecting Flowers"

Walking through the village, you see something amazing *pick* this is mine for later.

"The freedom of wheels"

That time you sit down, pedal and roll, that freedom came through like a fury.

"Take the blogg for a walk"

"Blogg, you need to learn take care of yourself!"

"Into it"

Do you remember the time you opened an album, never hearing it before, and it just blows your mind?

"Wagon, let’s have an ADVENTURE!"

It’s the weekend, be free, be merry, be ADVENTUROUS!

"Pandas make me tired"

Oh pandas, you move about being all fluffy and cute, well, you make me tired.

"The space of space"

Space is quite large, just take it on one piece at a time.

"Call to action!"

When someone calls, someone answers, most of the time.

"B to the double E to the R"

We all love it, San Diego, thank you!