Comic-con starts tomorrow, some day, I will dress up, and you will know what I will be :D

If you have to run, just add beer!

Beer plus running, gives you energy! Have a good weekend friends!

"Diving in"

Diving in, speed of light, all is ahead, ready let’s go!

"The local cafe"

There are times when a local cafe, cup of coffee and a newspaper is all you need to start the morning right.

Alright Stop….BURGERTIME!

There isn’t anything quite like a good, solid burger!

"Hiding in the corner"

There are times when hiding in the corner seems like a better option.

I will sing thee, sweet melodies

If you listen, I will win your heart!

Falling in the blue

Take it in, the blue is coming towards like a furry.

The riches beyond belief

The discovery, deep below the decks, riches beyond belief.