The calm

Silence, even though noise is deafening. You are calm, focused. You, are ready.

The race for…

The race for something is always there.

The Salt Flats

The salt flats are a mysterious place, flat as far as the eye can see, ready to go fast. I bought a pad of watercolor paper, and decided to give a whirl. This is my first shot on painting on paper.

The Race

The flats, nothing but the curving of the earth ahead of you. It’s hot out, but what else would it be? Your turn, turn on the engine, and go!

Time to drive

You see the finish line around the next bend, fuel gauge on empty, tires nearly bald…you got this, hang in there.

Perez, for second

Wow, those that watch F1 racing, saw an amazing race. Although people said he could have taken first, you could see him on the podium, that second place was just fine. Way to go Perez and Sauber, thanks for putting on an awesome race.

Cruise the Brutus

Driving a beast such as the Brutus is no easy feat, but if you are up to the task, it will take you to where you need to go.


Zooming through the desert, you hit the “whoopdedoos”,  one catches you off guard, much larger than you thought. Twist the throttle, drop the clutch, 3rd gear, LAUNCH!

Hip and a smile

Racing down the road, your engine is small, noisy, and barely goes when you want, who says that is the name of the game anyway. Check your hip, and smile

Serious business this racing

Just starting this painting, excited to see how it is turning out so far!

16” x 20” canvas, cel-vinyl

LMP1 line drawing

This is a line drawing I did of a loose example of an LMP1 race car. Finishing it soon!

Edsel race time!

Salt flats, a place where you can run all out, 100%, pedal to the metal. It is go time, and see how this baby GOES!

The big race, heart pumping, adrenaline going, uh oh, a flat, time for a new front right. Pit robot to the rescue!

Racing down the straight, here we go, he is going to win.

16” x 20” canvas, painted using cel-vinyl.

New painting, 71’ and Chilling. Painted using Cel-vinyl on canvas. 24” x 20”.  Done by me! Matt Q. Spangler robot artist, petrol head extraordinaire !