Wow, I think I am done with this one

"Before the checkered flag"

24” x 18” canvas, cel-vinyl

Skatin the pool

The 80’s were filled with rumours of an abandoned pool behind the haunted house. Ahh, the good old days of skating.

Sweet van!

"Sweet van" they say. "Cool, yah?" you say. "Yep." they say. VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Sleeping on the moon

We all dream, we dream to escape, we dream to think, we dream with no restraints on reality. We can dream to sleep on the moon, let it all go, it can happen.

Daily drawing: Sleeping on the moon (screencast) from matt spangler on Vimeo.

Flying, charge!

Look ahead, it is coming at you like a speeding bullet, don’t flinch. Charge ahead!

Watch your back!

You are walking down the long corridor of life, when suddenly PEW PEW! They are firing! You try and grab your gun, charge your chest pack and fire. Is it too late? Did you hit? You wont know until you assess the damage.


Pounding, thumping in unison, you can feel the beat in your heart. Today, many become one, you are the drumline. Rock on.

The future is now!

You can fly, you can drive, you can do both with the Stout Skycar! Stuck in traffic? No problem with this little Skycar, just pull over, assemble the wing, latch everything in place and 10 minutes later, if you can an open area longer than two football fields, you too can take off in style!

Screencast link : HERE


Sometimes the tired monster takes over, you do everything you can to stop it, but you can’t escape of tiredness, this is today, this is Monday.

The Fiddler

Sitting on the porch, you play the song that makes you remember why you play. The wind blowing over the rolling hills, the slight sun peering the through the fluffy clouds, the note resonates on the swaying blades of grass. It is your day, today is FRIDAY!

On the bus

You get on the bus, knowing what you have to do when you get off. Clutching at your briefcase, you know, once the drop has been made, your life could be in danger, but it is worth the risk.

Got my sport

WALKMAN! Who DIDN’T have one. They were the best, all yellow and water resistant, how much more sporty can you get?!