The teevee is on

It never stops, just keeps going, like an endless, confusing DVD.

"Takin’ some shuteye"

Kick back, the dirt is warm, a rock should suffice, there, there.

Faces and faces and faces, robot heads all cast, next up is assembly!

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Inktober, SNAP!

Click, the camera goes, you capture a moment, etched forever in film.

"Inktober day 09"

Meeting the new friend hanging out, oh hello friend!

ROBOT Production Update!

Some are wondering what is happening with the robot collectible? Well here is the update!

The sculpter/maker has sent a series of photos to me to show some updates. So here are some process details, I will reveal a full robot when I it is ready, but hope this is suffice! Pre-Orders will be happening last week in October. There will be 50 made initially, which of course will come with some special things to commemorate the first 50 joining in! 

More updates as I get them!

Inktober day 8

Missed a few, but I am sticking with it! A robot hanging by his rat rod racer. Did no underdrawing, went straight to ink, had a good time.

"Inktober day 07"

Enjoy the book my little robot friend, the day is grand! No need to stay in!

"Inktober Day 6"

Feeding the birds, sitting on a bench, it is good to be an old man robot, yeaaaah man.

"Inktober 5"

Fly over the hills, through the clouds, bust through the gap,see the town below, you are flying!

Inktober day 4

Just a scoot scoot scootin’ around! Robot on a scooter!

Inktober day3 missed a couple but hey, let’s keep it going! #robot #inktober #ink #robotsbymattqspangler

Hmm what could be in this weird blue goo? Time will tell! 

Inktober Day 2

Day 2, just a robot smoking and drinking, doing what they do best.