"Dropping in"

You stare down the vert, drop in, air surges past, gravity not taking effect quite yet, then flattens out knees bent, then repeat.

Never grow up

Just because you are old in age

Doesn’t mean you can’t be young at heart.

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Slidn’ n glidn’

Nothing better than feeling the wind on your face, as you cruise with your favorite tunes.

Let’s go skating!

That glorious sound of the polyurethane rolling on the asphalt

Skatin the pool

The 80’s were filled with rumours of an abandoned pool behind the haunted house. Ahh, the good old days of skating.

New Print!

"Little Red Riding Hood"

11” x 14” 100lb matte paper, signed by me!

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Moment of flight

The monent of near take off, the silence of air.

Little red hood rider

Riding the hood on your board, the rumble of the asphalt at your feet, nothing else matters, until you need to eat.

The Skate

Skating around, doing what you do best, flying through the air, now that feels nice.


Sometimes I think back to the days where I used to skate. I was never good, but always had fun.