"The local cafe"

There are times when a local cafe, cup of coffee and a newspaper is all you need to start the morning right.

"Do it with style"

I don’t care how you do, but do it with style!

Imitation the form of flattery

Imitation, it can be a good thing, inspiring even!

The rest tree

The rest tree, a place of rest and relaxation. And bears.

*Spent too much time noodling and it got a bit muddy, but post it up anyway!

We have fire, now what?

What is the use of a fire if you don’t know what to do with it.

Step into my office

He looks up at you, with that cheshire grin, you know the night is going to be interesting.

taking it in

At times, getting forced to slow down allows you to take in what is really around you.

The birdy friend

Oh my friend, bird.

How I enjoy your company

But it is now time for you to fly away

To return, another day

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Slidn’ n glidn’

Nothing better than feeling the wind on your face, as you cruise with your favorite tunes.

Back to the Friday!

Before you know it, Friday is here, and before you know it, it is gone again. Enjoy today my friends!

F’ It, it’s Friday

Of course, we all say it, do it, but F’ IT, IT’S FRIDAY!

Pretty much how I look at every bar #drinking #robot #silly #sandiego #painting #sketch

Sumo like it hot!

I have no idea why, but I wanted to draw a robot sumo, he is a very skinny sumo, but still a sumo. Happy Friday friends!