The first fight

The first one, you always remember, no matter how small, it is a fight to remember.

The path

The path of least resistance, can sometimes be the most fun!

Strike a pose

You will never know when, but when the time arises, strike it!


Giving respect.

Receive respect.

All becomes whole.

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The spitfire, the name alone conjures up imagry of roaring fire spitting engines. You would be right.

Tie the Tie

You put on the shirt, put on the pants, then finish it with a tie. You feel good.

Runnin to the end of time

Running towards a deadline

here it comes

there it goes

keep running!

The sunny sun rises in the day

The sun rises, the sun sets, each day it brings something new.

Stretchn’ for the finish

Get hyped up! Stretch it out, this is going to be a haul, but before you know it, the finish line is in your sights!

Sky high

Sky high, in the yonder, is where I ponder, what’s in the sky.


The tapping sound of water droplets gilding off the nylon tent, close your eyes and listen to the solitude.

I give you this

I give you this, this is all I have to give. Thank you.