"The space of space"

Space is quite large, just take it on one piece at a time.

Over the moon

You travel far and wide, to see the sites, but the stars and the moon always seem to be the same.

Just about done!
“Gazing at space”
#space #painting #commission #24x36 #forhire

Gazing space robot commission is coming along #commission #painting #forhire #late-night #robot #space #cel-vinyl

First commission in progress, first pass at it digitally, sending to client tonight for approval! Can’t wait to paint! This will be a 24” x36” canvas! #painting #commission #draft #space #excited

Collecting things along the way

As you float through life, you learn a thing or two, and during that, you hope to capture that special moment in time.

The Bigger Picture

Stand outside, look to the sky

the picture becomes clear.

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Blasted off!

Where did he go?

Oh I dunno, he just blasted off!

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Space robot family painting nearly completed! #commission #painting #robot #forhire #space #hurray

Swim in the stars

You’re underwater, the feeling of the bubbles going by, feels like you could be swimming through the stars.

The sleep of space

As you lay down, you peer outside to the world beyond, your eyes slowly shut, and you dream in space.

Spacing out

We all space out at times, it happens, but at some point you have to figure out how to put yourself together and move on.