Imitation the form of flattery

Imitation, it can be a good thing, inspiring even!

The rest tree

The rest tree, a place of rest and relaxation. And bears.

*Spent too much time noodling and it got a bit muddy, but post it up anyway!

Chillin’ with the bear

Ya know, just chillin. Hanging out, waiting for stuff to happen

Get some backup

When you got someone on your side, anything is possible!

Coming close

You made the wings, you set off, touching the water with your feet.

*I like some aspects of this piece, but I feel it is a bit too muddy for my liking. Oh well, that is why I do this every day!


There is real no story with this guy, just wanted to draw a little bot :D

The choice

That choice where you are just happy enough that you could have one more, but one more would put you over the top.

The magic of the bath

Nothing better than steaming in a bath, a beer in hand, closing your eyes, it takes you to another place.

"The slow night"
You sit there in your comfortable chair, goodnight moon. Cheers!


Take the ship, all the way, don’t stop hit it hit.

BOOM. Moon.

Step into my office

He looks up at you, with that cheshire grin, you know the night is going to be interesting.