Such Great Heights

"Come down now," they’ll say

But everything looks perfect from far away,

"Come down now," but we’ll stay…

I’m back!

Hi friends! After relaxing in the ocean, playing with turtles and drinking to my hearts content. I have returned!

Jumping the River

For nothing else, jumping rock to rock is a lot fun.

Playin’ the wait

You just need to take the time, and wait it out.

Reality of nature

Nature brings people, people bring things, leave stuff. People, dammit.

Picky Bear

Bear is hungry, what does bear eat? Hamburgers? I am not so sure.

Full Speed Ahead!

When the going gets tough, go behind a friend.

Tuck in the wings, dive. DIVE!

Take in the battle head-on, dive into the challenge, chances are you coming out of it, slightly scathed.

The path

The path of least resistance, can sometimes be the most fun!


On the eve before this year ends, I want to thank each and every one of you for such a great 2013. Without you, I would just be a crazy guy doodling robots every day.

Be safe my friends, looking forward to seeing you in 2014.