"Pandas make me tired"

Oh pandas, you move about being all fluffy and cute, well, you make me tired.

"B to the double E to the R"

We all love it, San Diego, thank you!

"Dropping in"

You stare down the vert, drop in, air surges past, gravity not taking effect quite yet, then flattens out knees bent, then repeat.


Comic-con starts tomorrow, some day, I will dress up, and you will know what I will be :D

Alright Stop….BURGERTIME!

There isn’t anything quite like a good, solid burger!

Knowledge is power

When you sit down and crack open a book, your world opens beyond limits.

"Feeling Devilish"

Mischief, trouble, whatever you call it, I am feeling devilish!

RIP HR Giger

We lost a true visionary, it must be an amazing thing to have such an influence on scaring the crap out people. His art always terrified me, but his skill fascinated me. I often tried to draw his aliens from pictures and books and actually got shivers while I was doing it. RIP Giger, may you terrify all who you come in contact with.

Laid out

Lay Down, close your eyes, fall asleep, you robot have been laid out!