Sambot, reporting for duty

He is ready for battle, ready to rally. Let’s go!


Oh, hallo muh fryand,*hicup*  yu ar muh bethtest fryand…..*hicup*

Bear steals the show

Poor robot, he has been a bit overshadowed lately.

Catch of the day!

You do things for friends even when you don’t understand the point.

The first fight

The first one, you always remember, no matter how small, it is a fight to remember.

Lead the way

To be guided when you are afraid, you need a helping hand.

Relax with a friend

Nothing like cuddling up with a friend and taking a nice nap.

Over the moon

You travel far and wide, to see the sites, but the stars and the moon always seem to be the same.

In the wind

Against the wind, you push through, you hide in your cocoon of feathers and fluff.

Reachin’ Out

Somtimes you need to reach out and ask for a little help

Bring in the new year with a song

A fresh start, sometimes it is all you need to get out what you want. Welcome to the first day of the year 2014!