"Call to action!"

When someone calls, someone answers, most of the time.

"Comic book day"

Can you remember going to the comic book store, picking up the latest book and riding your bike home to curl up and read the latest adventure? Yeah, comic book day was awesome.

The journey goes on

The world is expanding, the world is vast, the world needs exploring let’s go!

"The meetings"

Everyone knows meetings can be the worst, dragging on, you have fake having interest, but you just mastered sleeping with your eyes open.

"Twirl if you want to"

Because sometimes you have to.

The riches beyond belief

The discovery, deep below the decks, riches beyond belief.

The anticipation of thought

You wait for that idea, that spark. Don’t wait, do!

Malfunction Junction, whats your function?

Beep, boop, boom. Malfunction, MALFUNCTION!

Dove in

There is no turning back now, gravity will set in as you rest at the bottom.

Sambot, reporting for duty

He is ready for battle, ready to rally. Let’s go!