I really love the show “Derek” on Netflix. Season 2 is starting soon, so I figured why not paint him to commemorate. Updates as I complete it more.

Dove in

There is no turning back now, gravity will set in as you rest at the bottom.

Such Great Heights

"Come down now," they’ll say

But everything looks perfect from far away,

"Come down now," but we’ll stay…


This weekend flew by, I feel like I just stepped into a timewarp and warped me ahead to today.

Bear and Robot progress! Bear has his angry eyes in! #robot #bear #wonderground #downtowndisney #Disney

Back at it! Wonderground until 10pm at least! Last night I was here until midnight! #wonderground #gallery #downtowndisney

On the big screen! I made it! #wonderground #gallery #downtowndisney #shows #robots

I am back! #wonderground #robots #shows #livepainting #wonderground #gallery @downtowndisney (at Downtown Disney)

Sambot, reporting for duty

He is ready for battle, ready to rally. Let’s go!

I’m back!

Hi friends! After relaxing in the ocean, playing with turtles and drinking to my hearts content. I have returned!

Glide, Float.

Being underwater is as close to flying as you can get. A kick and you glide effortlessly.

Come to Maui they say

Come to Maui they said, stay for the sun and tropical weather they said. They lie.


We are in the middle of National Robotics Week. Take a Robot to Lunch.

I really think this is a great idea :D